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What will you wear today? It’s a question you have to answer, and you want the answer to suit you personally and professionally. You want your visual resume to say good things about you.

For me, style is an opportunity. Since I have to get dressed, I figure I might as well wear clothes that are functional and fashionable. I use the art and science of dressing well to tell a little bit of my story: I’m a professional who is creative, smart, up to date and appreciates beauty. My clothes let me convey that without saying a word.

How we look affects how people perceive us and even how we feel about ourselves. Just as a manicured lawn and shiny car say good things about their owners, a put-together look says you care about yourself and are worth time and effort. It speaks to your value.

If your visual resume needs work, a makeover from a professional stylist could be just the thing to transform your look and outlook. You might want a dramatic change, or just a few tweaks to get your style on track. It might be just what you need to update your image and show your authentic self.

As a professional stylist, I’ll give you the tools and the courage to transform your image. Isn't it time to invest in yourself?






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